Bitcoin Power Oscillator

Current BPO
Current BPO is -20.26.
We are in a descending green run.
The price is currently 9 852.75 above the expected price of 26 430.33.

The highest ever BPO was 96.70. If we were at 96.70 today, the price would be 244 950.98.
The lowest ever BPO was -66.75. If we were at -66.75 today, the price would be 5 682.94.

We are in the 166th day of this descending green run.
The longest descending green run ever was 450 days.
The average duration of descending green runs are 72.2 days.
The average duration of all green runs are 31.7 days.

Today, the price needs to increase by 36 157.86 to start a blue run.

Analysis created .

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